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The ATTACh conference teaches people to heal attachment trauma through cutting-edge lectures and hands-on, interactive sessions from some of the most prominent trauma and attachment experts in the world. We educate and train all levels of professionals and staff in the fields of mental health, occupational therapy, child welfare, primary health care, schools and education, as well as those in other fields where they provide care or treatment to children and young people. This is a unique experience for parents and caregivers too. They receive high-quality, expert-led training along with practical strategies and peer support to help them learn to better manage parenting their child. Additionally in 2023, ATTACh is building upon and expanding our engagement with youth and young adult attendees at the conference.

As an Exhibitor, you can help bring our 2023 Conference to life. Your support will help ATTACh create an engaging, thought-provoking, and inclusive space for conference attendees where they can network, learn, and share ideas together. 

Your support will also help us provide a high-quality, expert-led professional development and training experiences for clinicians, mental health professionals, occupational therapists, educators, parents, families, and others who provide care to children and young people. 

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